Claudio Marchisio tattoos sleeves done by Murran Billi

Italian soccer player Claudio Marchisio, who played midfielder for Juventus from 2006-2018, came to Murran Billi to design and tattoo his sleeve. After discussions, they decided on a Polynesian, Pacific Islands style tattoo for the sleeve. Clearly, Marchisio was happy with Billi’s work, as soon after, he called him up and asked him to come and tattoo his second sleeve. Murran was flown over to Saint Petersburg in Russia, as Marchisio was playing for BC Zenit Saint Petersburg at the time. The fact he was flying over the tattoo artist reached news headlines as fans were keen to see what Marchisio’s next tattoo would look like.

Murran Billi said he had a great time and a great experience in Russia tattooing this soccer star’s other sleeve in a complementary Polynesian style design. What’s more, these tattoos gained widespread media coverage as Claudio Marchisio modeled in Giorgio Armani‘s perfume ad for Acqua di GiĆ². In addition, Murran’s tattoo designs featured all over magazines and TV adverts for the whole world to see! Polynesian-inspired tattoos have always been popular, but Murran’s artistic style, attention to detail, and award-winning designs have set him apart. If he weren’t a one-of-a-kind artist, he probably wouldn’t have such high-profile clients coming to him, time and time again.

This talented tattoo artist said he’s now in talks again with Marchisio about a potential backpiece. So, keep an eye out for more news on that. No doubt Billi will have more soccer players coming to him for tattoos or paintings. Much like the portrait Bernardeschi commissioned from Murran Billi in 2019 as a Christmas present for CR7 Cristiano Ronaldo. You can head over to Cristiano’s Instagram to see a picture of him and his son standing next to Murran’s portrait of him.