Paradigm Sports

The collaboration between Murran Billi and Paradigm Sport began after that an oil painting from the artist was delivered to Conor McGregor in Dubai.

From there, the relationship with Paradigm Sport has developed to an extent that gave to Murran the privilege of creating “The Lion”, the first ever NFT DROP for their MINTPS holders.

The work was done in the form of a digital painting. Upon completion the work along with its soundtrack was airdropped to the owners of the MintPS. The painting was then presented as a prize in a raffle, the winner of which now obtains both, physical and digital versions.
This was the very first experience for the group headed by Audie Attar, but it is only one of the many collaborations that will follow.

“Being the first artist to launch and venture into the world of digital art for me is worth more than any financial compensation.”

The Lion by Murran Billi

This piece represents the nature of a lion. Cool and patient on the surface but ready to show its power and true nature when needed. Also the beauty of conflict and chaos – fight or flight which we all meet at some point in our lives.