The LVX Light tattoo lamp details

Murran Billi is more than just a tattoo artist and painter. He is also the creator and owner of the famous tattoo lamp, the LVX Light.

The story behind the lamp is simple, Billi was getting frustrated with low-quality lights when traveling and tattooing, so he went to the best light creator in Italy, LED Lights. Together they designed the Lamborghini of all tattoo travel lamps. As a result, the LVX Light lets you take the highest quality light source with you wherever you go. Plus, the handy adjustable clamp lets you fix the lamp’s base onto any size surface. You can also choose to order a floor stand depending on your needs.

This amazing piece of equipment became an absolute must-have for tattoo artists and painters who need to produce their best work anywhere, anytime. When art is your life and your work, there’s no time to make compromises. As Murran says, “if you could choose to spend your life watching time tick by on a Casio or a Rolex, why would you ever choose the Casio?”.

This portable lamp is still top of the food chain after many years because the quality never waivers. You can buy a cheap light online and find yourself replacing the bulb every year, or you can buy once and buy well with the LVX. This lamp is durable and comes with a 10-year guarantee.

What’s more, the high-quality light is better for your eyes, promoting longevity in your career as an artist. The fact that the best tattoo artists still use it is a testament to the caliber of this piece of equipment. The intensity in which the lamp shows the colors and detail while tattooing is a game-changer for creating a permanent masterpiece on somebody’s skin.

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